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About Us

About Us

About Us

Restaurant-brewery «Ungweiser» – the only guesthouse, offering “tank” craft-beer under own trademark “Ungweiser”. At call of beer gastronomes there are four basic guinesses: Pils, Hefeweizen, Red Ale and Stout. There are appearing season novelties regularly.

The age of usual draught beer from kegs is becoming over. Favorite of the market becomes the technology of tank beer pouring. According to the opinion of lovers and connoisseurs of the beer – it’s the best offer of the pubs nowadays. 

Tank beer – it is the special type of draught beer, that being poured into special beer tanks after the productive processes of boiling and fermentation. There beer stores under the perfect temperature in special one-use polypropylene sacks and moves under external pressure into beer tap. So, beer doesn’t contact nor with air, neither with any kind of technical gases, thus doesn’t need additional aeration, doesn’t acidify and flatten. Thank this technology beer stays in primal form from production to getting into the glass.

In building also functions hotel «Ungweiser». Modern rooms, furnished with furniture from natural wood. In every room is air condition, warming floor, flat-screen TV, own bathroom with shower.

Uzhhorod castle and cathedral temple are situated in 10-15 minutes of walking from the hotel. Train and bus stations of th town can be reached in 15 minutes of walking. 

The placement of our guesthouse is one of the best in Uzhhorod! 5 minutes of walking from the center of Uzhhorod, linden valley with synagogues and in 3 minutes from Sándor Petőfi square. And balance of prica and quality is the best in Uzhhorod.